Accomplishments & Priorities

During my time on Council, we’ve been able to accomplish some great things and there is still a lot more to be done. I respectfully ask for your vote so that we can continue to make progress on the things that are important to us all, not the select few.

A few of my accomplishments

  • Voted to restore bulk pick-up services at no costs to residents. This was a promise I made during my last election and I am proud to say that we were successful.
  • Voted to save our Recycling Program when it was proposed to be sent to the Detroit Incinerator. Council voted against this plan in a 4-3 split.
  • Sponsored and passed more resolutions than any other Council member
  • Brought forward initiatives to create transparency in elder care and protect our loved ones from abuse in Nursing Homes.
  • Voted against projects such as the construction of additional strip malls and other proposals that would negatively affect nearby residents.
  • Advocated for, earned support and implement Neighborhood Makeover Program
  • Voted against excessive pay raises
  • Proposed and adopted several ordinances

Top Priorities & Goals for the Future

  • Hire additional Police Officer’s ; Every year since I’ve been on Council I proposed to hire an additional police officer during the budget process.
  • Improve Neighborhood Services ; We need better ordinance enforcement. That means working together with residents to resolve issues and move the focus to cleaning up blighted commercial properties.
  • Invest in Recreation ; The City should partner with the School District for new programming. We should also create a “One-Stop-Shop” for residents to find all available programs, classes, sports teams, music lessons and any program that benefits the City’s youth.
  • Support Small Business Growth ; Develop a plan of action to fill vacant commercial spaces and a strategy to revitalize the Westland Mall property.
  • ALWAYS seek input from residents before voting
  • Work to Lower Water Rates ; The City is set to receive nearly $26 Million as part of the American Rescue Plan. Under the guideline of how this money is allowed to be spent, I have found that a water tower meets the requirements. Other City’s have constructed towers and significantly lower their costs for water. This is done by filling the tower during the nighttime hours when the rates are cheaper, and pumping it back into the system during the day when the rates are higher. The water authority increases the rates each year and its time for City Council to take action and work to lower the costs for residents and businesses.
  • Protect & Support Recycling ; More than 10,000 Westland residents still do not have access to curbside recycling. We must work to bring more condo’s, town-homes and businesses into the recycling program.

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